Why calling your mom is good for your health

Do you often call your mother? So you are fine. especially for you. Research shows that calling your mom is good for your health.

Is your mother sad enough and no longer there? If you have children, they can still reap the benefits of the result of this research.

call your mother

If you have a good relationship with your mother, she will probably be the first to call you with good or bad news. or so. Once you hear her voice, you may feel calm. Science confirms and explains this. When you call your mom, your body produces the hormone oxytocin and decreases the stress hormone cortisol, according to Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This hormone is also known as the cuddle hormone and plays an important role in social communication and against stress.

good for stress

In terms of oxytocin production, a phone call with mom is the equivalent of talking to her in person, the researchers note. You will not achieve the same result by texting or app. An important caveat for the study is that it was only conducted among women. But certainly in times of pandemic we experience more stress, right? And we all have a bad day at work from time to time. So call your mom if you can. This will not only make her happy, but also make her happy.

source | Psychology Today
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