Armenian entry to Songfestival 2022 suddenly goes viral –

Rosa Lynn represented Armenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a pop song snap. The tune was not broken in Turin. Rosa Lynn had 61 points and a 20th place finish in the finalse Place. Amazingly, the song has now entered the UK Top 40 almost three months after the Eurovision Song Contest. Also in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Canada snap It suddenly went viral. (bless)

The popular app has been a huge success TikTok. The song has now been used in over 360,000 videos on the BBC website, and in turn millions. Like it resulted. Now that number stands at 26According to It entered the UK Top 40 and was the second best-grossing Eurovision song of the year. only space man Sam Ryder does it even better.

In the clouds

Rosa Lynn is clearly delighted with the success of her song. ‘It’s going so fast, it’s a the dream becomes reality,” the Armenian told BBC News. The song is also available in other continents such as Latin America and Africa. Ventilation Lin didn’t dare hope at all.

Again in 2023?

Despite the disappointing result in Turin, the 22-year-old had the time of his life. “It was my first time on a big stage, and it was perfect. Like, a little bit coming home’, the Armenian agrees. Rosa Lynn has made no secret that she wants to represent Armenia again next year. ‘I already loved the Eurovision Song Contest as a fan … but when you’re in the middle, it’s something magical’, it sounds excited. Wonder if we’ll see Rosa Lynn in England next year!

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