Urgent action needed for sustainable truckers in UK

As the problems piled up, there was a lorry traffic jam. Last week, for example, a critical IT system used to provide customs documents to the British government went down. An emergency plan on the part of the British was not sufficiently operational and was not executed in a timely and timely manner. This has resulted in huge backlog in processing these documents.

Sailing stopped

Additionally, there are issues with ferry connections to and from the United Kingdom. P&O Ferries temporarily suspended its sailings two weeks ago. As a result, ferry services are less efficient.

A difficult situation

In addition to the plight of drivers who rely on them for long hours without comfort, the unions have called for attention to driving and rest periods. Drivers who exceed driving hours may be fined. Due to the lack of parking spaces, drivers sometimes spend hours searching for a suitable resting place.

Relaxations and emergency procedures

In a letter (see below), the parties call on Secretary of State AJ de Vries to consider a temporary relaxation of the rules on the Anglo-Dutch approach, which would make it easier for trucks to sail into the UK. Off again in the Kingdom and the Netherlands. Additionally, emergency procedures in the United Kingdom should be better organized and prevent similar problems in the future.


Also, the laxity in enforcing driving and rest periods for drivers caught in traffic jams has prevented companies from being fined.


This letter is signed by Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) and sent on behalf of the initiators of Get Ready for Brexit: the Port of Rotterdam Authority, evofenedex, Deltalinqs, Portbase, Fenex and TLN.

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