UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has resigned

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British Home Secretary Prithi Patel resigned shortly before new Prime Minister Liz Truss was appointed. “It has been the honor of my life to serve our country as Home Secretary for the past three years,” Patel wrote in her resignation letter to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday night. On Tuesday, the new leader of the British Conservatives will replace Johnson as head of government.

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According to British media, Truss was expected to fire Patel if his cabinet was reshuffled, but the minister insists his exit is “a choice”. Patel was one of the key figures during Johnson’s controversial tenure. For example, he concluded an agreement with the Rwandan government to receive asylum seekers and refugees coming to the United Kingdom in Rwanda. This ‘Rwanda Agreement’ is currently under review by the London High Court for its legality.

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Patel was also responsible for the reform of the Police Act, which critics say placed severe restrictions on the right to protest. Police can now stop protests and, among other things, noise pollution.

It is not certain whether the Conservative government led by Liz Truss will take a more moderate line. Incumbent Chief Justice Suella Braverman, at least considered a right-wing conservative, is considered a prime candidate for interior secretary.

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