Intel and Broadcom show off Wi-Fi 7 at 5Gbps

Intel Corporation And the Broadcom A WiFi 7 connection between a laptop with an Intel chip and a Broadcom access point is demonstrated in a press presentation. 5 Gbps speeds achieved. In addition to these higher speeds, it should also be possible to serve more customers more efficiently.

Carlos Cordero, whom we met earlier in our article about the technology behind Wi-Fi 7, says this demonstrates the technology’s potential. As Broadcom Vice President of Wireless, Vijay Nagarajan, said Wi-Fi 7 will offer unprecedented capabilities and speeds. This is largely made possible by the double bandwidth again per channel, which is now 320MHz.

Three Dell Latitude 5430 laptops with a 12th generation i5 processor were used in the demonstration. With WiFi 6 and 6E, 1 and 2 Gbps were achieved, respectively. Intel’s Wi-Fi 7 nic was named Gale Peak 2 and used beta driver number The operating system was Windows 11 build 22000 and the benchmark tool was Iperf 3.11. The server was equipped with a 10 GB NIC and Broadcom made a prototype of a 7 6 GHz WiFi router.

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