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Artificial intelligence has a profound impact on various aspects of our society. Within the judicial system in particular, artificial intelligence has transformed the way we know, understand and apply the law.

Willie Piasecki, an experienced judicial journalist with a wealth of experience, will guide us through this fascinating topic with a special guest. Through his in-depth knowledge and insight, he will make the complex world of AI understandable and accessible to everyone.

This lecture provides not only an educational experience, but also an opportunity to engage in discussion about the ethical implications, challenges, and opportunities that artificial intelligence brings. Your presence and participation are invaluable in enriching this dialogue.

Generative AI will increase information chaos in society. More misinformation, more fake news – fake news that is increasingly difficult to distinguish from the truth. The good news: Thanks to AI, we’ve got tools to handle this better and can still remove those fake documents and photos.

Be our guest on this inspiring occasion, where we will explore the frontiers of knowledge and insight together. Let us know if you’ll be attending by RSVPing.

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Registration is important because there are only limited places. Please register via this link and register one registration per person.

Access: 4 euros with consumption

timeThe hall is open from 6 pm, and the lecture begins at 8 pm.

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