Are you already using business software to manage your relationship?

Maintaining a relationship is work, but so is planning it all. Bring in action tools to keep your relationship on track. No, it’s not romantic, but it works for some couples. And rest assured, you don’t have to work with KPIs.

Slack to manage your life

At P-Magazine, we use Slack to communicate internally, but there are now also couples who use the tool to plan their private lives. Programmers in particular have a knack for communicating in this way. Many couples view their family as a small business that needs to be managed and the necessary tools can help them.

From shopping lists to tasks with the dog, the kids, or things that need cleaning: Create a few channels in Slack and you’ll keep everything neatly and clearly separated.

Manage finances properly

The tools can also help in the area of ​​financial management. Money remains a thorny issue even within a relationship, and by objectifying it it is often easier to communicate about it. For example, there are couples who track their entire household budget using Google Sheets. Each partner completes their expenses accurately and then you instantly have an overview.

Be careful with hidden dates

Busy busy busy? Enter the shared calendar. In Google Calendar, you can keep a perfect overview. Work with different colors, give your partner editing rights, and you’re done. Be careful with activities that should not see the light of day. It often makes doing social puzzles and planning activities much easier.

Or use tools to support your own relationship, which is very individual. It seems to work very well for some couples, while others despise it. In practice, this method seems to work best for equal couples and self-employed people. Communicating about the job and tasks is already an important part of daily life there, so using tools is not a shock.

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