As of today, Google Photos is no longer free: This is how you save all of your photos

No more saving any image to Google photos for free. As of today, Google’s storage is limited to 15GB. The change, announced in November, aims to get more people to switch to Google One, where you can get 100GB of space from 1.99 € per month.

80% can download worry-free for another 3 years

However, most of the Google Photos users should not be immediately afraid of their photos. The 15 GB limit only applies to photos uploaded from now on. About 80% of people with a Google Photos account can last for another three years before they reach the limit. Google will also notify them in due course.

Users find in their accounts a personal assumption when they will reach the limit. Google also added a plug-in to the service in May that helps you manage all those photos and videos. For example, it will suggest you images that you might want to delete because, for example, they are blurred or too large screenshots or videos.

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