Is there a Harry Styles beauty collection along the way?

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Rumor has it that singer and actor Harry Styles will soon start a beauty lineup. According to page six, in the Showbiz section New York Post, The 27-year-old world star has been collecting her own cosmetics and perfumes.

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According to own documents Page six style Became Watermelon sugarThe singer was recently appointed director of the newly registered company. It promises to deliver perfume and cosmetics. He will not be alone. Emma Spring, Harry’s assistant for many years, was listed as co-director.

The company already has a name. Glad the holdings are low Registered May 25 in the UK Institutional Directory in the United Kingdom. Last Friday, it was monitored by the star’s fan account. Harry Styles, who has been remarkably quiet in recent months, has not yet been officially confirmed by his entourage as to whether he is actually working on a beauty line.

Meanwhile, fans are using rumors to imagine what Harry’s collection will look like. Many suggest that this line includes unisex makeup and nail polish because the singer wants to show off bold nails and has a gender-neutral look.

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