Ascent does not have DLSS or ray tracing on Xbox Game Pass for PC, but it is on Steam

Ascent has NVIDIA DLSS support and ray tracing on Steam, but it doesn’t fully support it on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Developer Neon Giant has confirmed that he wants to bring these features to the Game Pass edition.

Eurogamer Reports indicate that Neon Giant is responding on Twitter to PC gamers from The Ascent, who have noticed these differences. The developer says that the way both versions are created is different. DLSS simply does not exist in Xbox Game Pass. Ray tracing is available as an option, but it doesn’t change anything within the game.

Neon Giant wrote: “We’re working with our partners to address this as quickly as possible! Builds are so different in both versions, they’re not just a switch.” Reply to @ezekiele2517.

to respond to Tweet embed Neon told Giant that he is “looking at it with the intention of either dissolving it or settling it with Steam.”

Tweet embed Note that the Game Pass version “takes more than twice as long to load a level than the Steam version.” Neon Giant thanked the user for noticing this and confirmed that he wanted to align both versions.

Unfortunately for those playing The Ascent on Xbox Series X/S, the game does not support ray tracing or DLSS. These are the PC only features of this RPG shooter.

It’s not new that different stores have different versions. the NieR: The Automata Steam version was significantly inferior to the Xbox Game Pass version for PC. The Steam version has been patched to bring these versions together.

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