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SV representative, Janne Grøttumsbråten, has criticized all of Asker’s mental health measures, regardless of new shows or larger budget allocations.

Recently, FRP actress Tonje Lavik cast the same way (job in Budstikka November 3).

As elected representatives, we are deeply concerned that our services are working for the benefit of our citizens.

This is why it was important for the care committee to hold dialogue meetings with users as soon as the pandemic allows. We met with users and mental health representatives at Asker.

We found that they are well prepared and have good constructive input for the further development of our services.

In the old municipality of Askar, mental health was prioritized in the budget each year in the previous period, following the 2014-2018 Mental Health and Substance Use Escalation Plan.

The development of new services in Askar was important to meet the growing mental health challenges in the community and to solve the new municipal tasks brought about by cooperative reform.

At Asker, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse consists of nine departments that offer 24-hour telephone counseling, sessions, groups, individual treatment for mild to moderate health problems and emerging substance abuse problems, various meeting places, activity measures, and various follow-up services to residents Home, field nursing, low-threshold 24 hour care, and diversified housing with 24 hour care.

The work of Fontenehuset, Varmestua and Grindestua for our residents is also invaluable.

In 2021, we will create improved mental health care to make it easier for residents who need emergency care or who have complex or long-term illnesses to function better.

The mental health challenges faced by our residents must be addressed through high-quality, professional services at Askar.

However, it is important to clarify that the specialist health service of Vestre Viken and Asker DPS (the local psychiatric centre) is responsible for treatment within mental health care in the same way as in physical health.

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Asker has spent seven years working on a team ensuring residents a seamless transition between the occupational health service and their home.

During the pandemic, we have been concerned about the additional burden that isolation is placing on many in society and have called for action to meet this challenge. We have received good reports on this in the sponsors committee, the education committee, and the presidency.

In this budget we also request a case from the Municipal Secretary on whether the determination of our minimum width dimensions is sufficient and we request that a case be submitted to the Welfare Committee on the situation and dimensions during the first quarter.

The mental health challenges faced by our residents must be addressed through high-quality, professional services at Askar. In January work will begin in the Welfare Committee on a new thematic plan Living Whole Life – Mental Health and Substance Use.

We look forward to continuing this work to ensure equal services in our new parish. This work will focus on good and constructive feedback from the GGZ student and user council.

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