AstraZeneca seeks approval for vaccine distribution from Leiden

The British-Swedish company AstroGeneca has sought approval from EMA, a European pharmaceutical company based in Amsterdam, to distribute the vaccine from Holix in Leiden. This was announced by European Health Commissioner Stella Kriakitz.

The factory in Leiden has already produced the vaccines, but they have not yet been delivered because AstraZeneca has not yet applied for them. Vaccines cannot be dispensed or used until permission is granted. Kryakits thinks it may come soon so that the first deliveries can be made this month.

It is not yet clear why this took so long. Previous This month Wrote about the Financial TimesThe mystery of the Dutch factory “, In other words, the puzzle of the Dutch factory.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is manufactured in the Netherlands and Belgium within the European Union. There are two production sites in the United Kingdom. Vaccines are bottled in Italy. AstraZeneca has been able to deliver a much lower dose of vaccine to the EU than ever before, which has led to a lot of distrust.

The company points to manufacturing problems in the Belgian factory, but the European Commission suspects it is in favor of the British. Although many Pfizer / Bioentech vaccines have moved from the EU to the United Kingdom, none have returned the other way. Two manufacturing sites in the UK have been added to the EU-concluded agreement with AstraZeneca.

One-way street has provoked discontent in Brussels and other European capitals because the vaccination program in the UK is progressing much more steadily than it has on the European mainland. The European Union is now the world’s largest vaccine exporter.

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Holix, a biopharmaceutical company, said it began producing vaccines for the EU in December. The company can deliver about five million units per month. Hollix does not want to say exactly how many have already been produced.

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