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Zwolle – Today, the General Council of GGD IJsselland, with the approval of the General Council of the Safety District IJsselland, has appointed Astrid Schulting as the new Director of Public Health for GGD IJsselland and GHOR IJsselland. Astrid Schulting will succeed current director Ryan van den Berg as of October 1, 2022.

At the end of April, Rianne van den Berg announced her departure from October 1, so that there would be plenty of time for a good transition. Therefore, the GGD Board of Directors is pleased that the recruitment procedures have resulted in a good heir so quickly.

extensive experience

Astrid Schulting has extensive administrative and municipal experience. She currently works as a municipal secretary in Westerkwartier municipality and before that in Meppel municipality. In 2021, she ranked second in the election of “Director of the Government of 2021”.

Michel van Willijn, GGD IJsselland General Chair: “We have found a good successor to Ryan at Astrid. Astrid is a decisive and connected director who will take GGD IJsselland even further.”

“Astrid is a critical and continuing director who will take GGD IJsselland even further.” Michel van Willijn, President of GGD ÎJsselland. General Council

“I am confident that she will guide and guide the great organization and challenges we face as GGD IJsselland.”

Rianne van den Berg, GGD IJsselland Director of Public Health: “I hand the wand to Astrid with complete confidence. I am pleased that Astrid will continue to promote positive health and strengthen public health.”

Rianne van den Berg will remain Director until 1 October and Astrid Schulting will start as Director of Public Health GGD IJsselland and GHOR IJsselland on 1 October.

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