Samsung Galaxy A52 is now also getting an update from July

distance Galaxy A52s July update I got it yesterdaynow also comes a file Galaxy A52 Next 5G. The device not only gets the latest patch. A 4G version will follow soon, but not today.

Galaxy A52 July 2022 update

The Galaxy A52 is one of the best-selling phones of 2021. For a long time it was difficult to deliver, and soon the A52s appeared on the scene. This does not change the fact that there are many Galaxy A52 users who can now install the July update.

~450MB update brings firmware version A526BXXU1CVG2 to Galaxy A52 5G. Updating does – if we want to believe the change list, and this is allowed – basically two things. The July patch installed, and The overall stability of your device has been improvedThis last point also includes some updates for individual apps.

Installation and availability

The July update is now available at without brand Galaxy A52 with 5G in Holland and Belgium. if I were Branded If you have a Vodafone or T-Mobile device, or you have a Galaxy A52 4G, you have to wait and see. The update is coming, but not until later this month. for (without brandThe Galaxy A52s update was already available yesterday.

You will automatically receive a notification once you are able to download the update. Of course you can also manually check availability via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Did you receive the July update on your Galaxy A52? Have you noticed stability improvements?

(Thanks, Petra!)

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