Athletes find the scales bad: “Maybe they want to watch football with a sign on their lap?”

Professional football, but other than that, all competitions have been suspended for the time being. It is one of the government measures to contain the growing danger of the Coronavirus. This split raises questions about other sports.

Marlos Keitel, captain of Hockey Club Den Bosch.

“The big question for our team is why do they do? We also play in a big stadium, on an empty field and in the open air. We hope it has an explanation and makes sense. The procedures themselves are not fun, but there are also no halo numbers.”

Joost Dooijenburgh, Oisterwijk Oysters rugby coach.

Maybe the cabinet itself wants to watch football with a sign on her lap on Sundays? I think it’s really so crooked, so why aren’t we and not us? Nobody among us understands. We trained hard until last night, now it’s halted and professional football is allowed to continue. I really understand that action is being taken, but do it right! If you continue this line, not all catering establishments will be closed, you can keep restaurants open. “

Bob van Oosterhout, sports marketer and owner of Heroes Den Bosch basketball club.

“Millions of euros participate in football, and the other major sport is of a different order. If you are honest, you might wonder if basketball, handball and other sports are really the best sports. Many athletes train multiple times a week and work or study at the same time.” The differences between the two teams are also big in basketball, it cannot be compared to Apollo Amsterdam, for example. I would even say that Champions Basketball is more professional than many Kitchen Champion Division clubs. It’s very annoying, but at the same time I support measures “The fight against the virus is tough and strong. I understand that the cabinet must make difficult choices.”

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