US President Biden’s spokesperson comments due to …

The White House spokesman was suspended from work for a week after being accused of threatening a press.

NTJ Declou, the White House deputy spokesperson, is said to have sexually threatened a journalist from the Politico news site after the woman questioned the relationship between Daklou and another journalist. Ducklo, for example, would have told the woman in question, Tara Palmieri, in a phone conversation that he would “destroy her”. Ducklo is also said to have made disparaging comments about women during the conversation with Palmeri, stating that she was jealous of his relationship with McCammond.

According to Jen Psaki, White House spokesperson and president of Ducklo, the man has now been suspended for a week. “His behavior was totally unacceptable,” Psaki said. Although the White House would like to emphasize, “It is a fact that the questions were about a special case (The relationship between Ducklo and the journalist was not confidential, editor). He should have played a role in assessing the accident. “

Joe Biden has often stated that he takes tough action against his employees who belittle others. “If I hear that you do not treat someone with respect or disrespect someone, I will immediately fire you,” Biden told his team shortly after his inauguration.

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