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According to police, it appears that the bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg, Norway, was the result of an illness the suspect was suffering from. The 37-year-old was transferred to a psychiatric institution after an initial medical evaluation.

The suspect is a Danish citizen who has lived in Kongsberg for most of his life. There he attacked people with bows, arrows and other weapons on Wednesday. Five of his eight victims died of their injuries. I have confessed.

Mental illness

According to the police, the investigation revealed that the man had a disease. Sources close to the suspect told Norwegian news channel NRK that the suspect had long had mental health issues and had been an outsider since his teenage years.

Also, currently little is known about why the man attacks people. Police initially said it appeared to be an act of terrorism – the man could have been an extremist – but they have not ruled out the possibility of mental problems.

The psychological evaluation began on Thursday and may continue for months.

Flowers, stuffed animals and candles in Kongsberg. © Environmental Protection Agency


Meanwhile, the court decided that the man should remain in pretrial detention for another four weeks, as requested by the prosecution. He must be in isolation for the first two weeks and may not have visitors while in detention.

Norway’s new Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store headed to Kongsberg on Friday with Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl. There they laid flowers at a memorial site. “We must be there for each other when we deal with a crisis like here in Kongsberg, but also to prevent it from happening again,” the prime minister said. Store took office on Thursday with his new cabinet.

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Norway's new Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store lays flowers.

Norway’s new Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store lays flowers. © Environmental Protection Agency

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