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The United Nations on Friday reaffirmed its commitment to remain in Afghanistan to help the population, after reviewing its operations in the country in the wake of a ban on Afghan women from working for the United Nations.

Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for the Afghan government, said the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) “reaffirms its commitment to stay and act on behalf of the men, women and children of Afghanistan and calls on donors to fund the assistance people need.” Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Onama conducted an investigation into her operation until Friday, May 5, after the Taliban government decided to ban Afghan female employees from working for the United Nations.

serious undermining

In a press release published in Kabul, Onama condemned the ban as “a serious undermining of our work and our ability to reach all those in need.” “But we cannot back down despite the challenges,” stressed Onama, who said he had “extensive consultations with various civil society actors, including civil society organizations and women’s groups, and with member states and donors.”

“We will continue our focused, constructive and principled engagement with the Taliban authorities to secure the lifting of the embargo and ensure the safety of all United Nations personnel,” the mission added. “Our human resources policy will be continuously evaluated,” said Haq.

Since the ban, he said, Onama has required all of its staff, both men and women, to work remotely, but that other UN institutions in the country have other ways of dealing with the situation.

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