Attack on an 80-year-old priest in France

The 80-year-old Rev. Francis Pal was severely assaulted on the evening of Friday, June 30th. The priest was beaten and fell. While the elderly cleric was lying on the ground, his attackers continued to beat him. The priest was seriously injured and was unconscious for some time. His attackers also took his mobile phone and wallet.

During the riots in France in recent days, an elderly priest was physically attacked by dozens of young people. Eyewitnesses reported that the priest was surrounded and beaten. The priest was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. The man will be in serious condition. It cannot be said whether this relates to the riots currently taking place throughout France. According to a spokesperson diocese The attack on Pal has nothing to do with the riots taking place in France between the authorities and other troublemakers.

Francis Pal is not the only priest who has been attacked recently in France. On June 12, Joseph Eid, rector of the Notre-Dame-de-Lebanon Parish in Paris, was attacked by a group of hooligans. And in doing so, I shouted hateful things in the direction of Christianity. Recently in 2020, a report was published stating that there has been a rise in anti-Christian hate crimes and discrimination and intolerance against Christians in Europe. France was named in that report as one of the top five countries with the most accidents. Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden are the other countries that ranked very high in the report.

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