Having trouble packing your suitcase? This traveler comes with viral wrapping hacks

Packing your suitcase for a (air) trip can sometimes be quite a puzzle. What if that one pair of pants just doesn’t fit or you decide after your trip that you packed too much in your suitcase? This true packing expert has tips for getting the most out of your luggage.

Chelsea Dickenson is the face behind some nifty and viral wrap patterns. at CNN She talks about baking tips.

Pack as efficiently as possible

“You can definitely pack less than you think, I promise you,” says Dickenson. “I dare say it will make your vacation better.” Dickinson, 33, a frequent traveler from the United Kingdom, has set up the website to offer tips for budget-friendly holidays.

She prides herself on traveling light. When she’s short on space, she’s good at coming up with unexpected solutions. make her go viral’Fishing Vest Packing Hack‘, travel with a multi-pocket, zippered garment designed like fishing gear. It turned out to fit a lot of ‘package’.

Fishing vests and neck pillows

On a flight to Lisbon, Dickenson put on a vest and packed everything from a bikini to a laptop into the pockets. “A fishing vest is actually a jacket. What do you do with your cardigans? You put them in a bowl. Do you get everything out of your bags? No you don’t. It’s the same thing,” says Dickenson, who doesn’t care about giving luggage to airport security, they They check that you are not carrying illegal substances or excessive liquids.

The fishing outfit is one of the many packing hacks Dickinson shares with her followers Social media. On another flight to Vienna, she replaced the stuffed neck pillow with seven pairs of underwear, five pairs of socks, a pair of leggings and two T-shirts. She placed the neck pillow on a safety tray and was allowed through the gate “with no problem”. So you can use the travel pillow for what you actually use it for.

Remarkable packing hacks

But it gets more intense. Dickenson stuffed the bra with clothes and then tried to wear it over her clothes but under her coat. She’s a big fan of the fishnet and neck pillow hacks, though she decided the bra idea was “ridiculous and not enough.” “The neck pillow was a big hit and I got a lot of messages from people who made it too.”

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“In the end, it’s just a bit of fun,” Dickinson says of his wrapping hacks. “My goal is to emphasize how ridiculous it is that we have to pay so much if we want to take luggage with us – low-cost airlines are operating these days.” For example, she’s also a big fan of vacuum packaging, where you put your clothes in bags and remove the air. “That way you create more space.”


Plus, she’s a big proponent of making lists to keep you from overpacking. Before going on a trip, Dickenson always writes down everything he needs and breaks the trip down day by day. This strategy helps her shine.

You need many vacation days to really relax

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Having trouble packing your suitcase? This traveler creates viral wrapping hacks

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