William speaks with LGBT people about the importance of mental health

Prince William spoke in London on Friday at one of the country’s oldest gay community venues about improving mental health within the LGBT community. The heir to the British throne did so in the context of Pride Month, which ended on Friday.

William stops by the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London where he talks to volunteers Alexis, Michael and Sharvari. The prince asked how important it was for their community to have a place where they could meet and talk. According to Alexis, there are only a few places left where they can get together like this. “Nothing beats just meeting like this in real life.”

According to William, he was not dressed appropriately for the meeting at the LGBT center. “I should have worn something with sequins or glitter,” he joked. “Then you should come and have a look on Friday evening,” Alexis replied.

The Prince of Wales also asked young people for advice on how to maintain mental health. According to Michael, it can be difficult for some young people to talk about their mental health. William admitted that “boys in particular find emotions very difficult”. “They don’t know exactly how to deal with it. Strong emotions, no emotions, whatever. We find that difficult. I think we need to get better in that area by having an open conversation about these things.”


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