Australian golf star seriously injured by kangaroo

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A 69-year-old Australian learned that golf can be a dangerous sport on the golf course at Arundel Hills Country Club in Gold Coast, Queensland, when she was attacked by a kangaroo.


The local ambulance service reported that the animal initially kicked the unfortunate woman, then trampled on her several times. The woman was taken to hospital, where she will have to recover from the attack for several days. “I fell down the first stairs, and then got run over a few more times,” said Joel McEwan, head of ambulance. Just as the attack suddenly began, the animal suddenly stopped sealing, turned around, and jumped away again.

The woman was severely beaten and sustained injuries to the face, head, arms and legs. She was conscious when she was moved away. The wound on her face had to be stitched up.

It is not entirely clear why the animal attacks the golfer. “I just walked over to Fairway towards Green colorwhen the animal attacked her from her side,” McEwan says. “Without warning, it’s 9 a.m..”


Kangaroo attacks are rare, but they are often spotted on golf courses. In October of last year, a video of amateur golfer Wendy Buick went viral as a large group of kangaroos approached her curiously because she wanted to go off. It happened on the same golf course.

The Australian Golf Association has even clarified what the rules say if a kangaroo bothers a golfer.

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