Australian Zoo Warns of Toxic Tunnel Web Spider …

As if the floods weren’t bad enough, Australians are now warning venomous spiders that target drying out of homes. The extremely poisonous tunnel web spider is especially frightening.

The constant torrential rains not only affect the living environment of people. Insects and spiders also go in search of dry lands. The Australian Reptile Park, which is a popular reptile zoo in Sydney, especially warns of the tunnel web, or ‘Atrax robustus’. The poison of this species is the strongest in the world. The spider is found in the Sydney area.

“Rising temperatures and high humidity are the perfect cocktail for an explosion of the presence of Atrax Robusts in the coming days,” said Tim Faulkner, director of the Australian Reptile Park. “After the massive floods that we saw in Greater Sydney, spiders have been expelled from their habitats and have taken refuge in drier areas,” Faulkner said in the ad. “Unfortunately, that may mean that they will soon be entering homes.”

Atrax robustus venom is very strong and works very quickly. Since a vaccine against the toxin was developed in the 1980s, no one has died from it. The Australian Reptile Garden, which stores the vaccine, has called on people with “ the courage ” to catch the spider and take it to collection points.

Yesterday pictures from Australia have already spread around the world, showing how spiders flock to land:

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