Automan’s Solo Debut – “Are You Happy Without Me?”

Automan is a music trio from the south of the United Kingdom whose young members have known each other for a very long time. Guitarist Hugh Bell and drummer Freddy Brown met at the age of nine in elementary school. Bonding with your childhood friend; It could just be a storyline for a second-tier movie, but for Automan it’s the sweet truth. Two years ago, bassist Oscar Donovan transformed a musical duo into a full vocal trio.

“Are you happy without me?” It is the trio’s first single and begins with a screeching sound that is assumed to be a guitar sound. Moments later, a cute instrument was added that gives the song a cheerful tone. The sounds are a bit careless and fit perfectly with the instrumentation and the explicit message of the song. Towards the end we hear a reasonable wall of sound as Bill tries to shout into the chorus a few times. Automan’s guys are certainly brave and plentiful, because the first sentence is “How often do you think of me when you screw up with your new boyfriend?”. It’s a question a lot of guys have asked themselves and the fact that it’s asked without hesitation indicates an apt part of rebelling and hurting you in Automan.

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