Transit trade is significantly lower after Brexit, product exports have already increased

Last year, 40.5 billion euros worth of goods were transported through the North Sea from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. That’s a fifth less than it was in 2019, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Trade in foreign goods through the Netherlands to the United Kingdom fell by almost half, but the export of Dutch goods actually increased. Anton Falk of the Anglo-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, which promotes trade between the two countries, says the latter is of much greater importance to the Dutch economy. Radio NOS 1 news.

The fact that the transit of foreign goods has decreased significantly is due to Britain’s exit from the European Union, according to the Anglo-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Since Brexit, the UK has been importing many products directly from other countries.

According to CBS, Asian trade flows have been diverted, among other things. “High-tech goods, but also medicine and clothing were going to the UK via the Netherlands, among other things,” CBS researchers wrote. “The UK may now import these goods directly.”

According to Valk, Dutch ports in particular lose income as a result, but the value added to the Dutch economy is relatively low.


The Netherlands, on the other hand, had more leftovers from exporting goods than it made. The Dutch entrepreneurs mainly sold more computers and specialized machines to the British.

“I noticed it lasted relatively well,” Valk says in Radio NOS 1 News† “How hard it is to do business, despite the limits. So this is kudos to all Dutch entrepreneurs.”

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Gasoline, diesel and kerosene exports fell in liters, but higher fuel prices increased their value.

Dutch flower growers have also benefited from higher prices. In addition, they also sold more flowers and plants. Car manufacturers sold fewer trucks and passenger cars, reducing the value of exports in this sector by a fifth.

Despite the decline in exports, the United Kingdom remains one of the main export destinations. More goods were only exported to Germany and Belgium.

Business Services

In addition, the Dutch are increasingly providing services to clients in the UK. The British paid €29 billion for it in 2021. This is 58 per cent more than in 2015 and 13 per cent more than in 2019, the last two measures of Statistics Netherlands.

The main form of service export is business services, such as legal and accounting services. This generated 9.8 billion euros last year.

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