Bart Swings participates in five events at the World Games

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Inline skater Bart Swings will start in five events during the World Games. Swings participate in point racing and elimination racing, both on the track and on the road. He will also ride 1,000 meters on the track.

Jeroen de Pauwsource: BELGA

The Swings departed this weekend for Birmingham, Alabama, where the non-Olympic sports will be held July 7-17. The piste consists of a 200-meter flat Vesmaco track. To organize the World Championship, World Skate has a contract with that Italian company. The marathon is not on the program in Birmingham, which is often sweltering.

With a year delay

For skaters, the World Games are the most important tournament of the season, even more important than the World Championships held in Argentina. It is therefore remarkable that the Netherlands is absent from the United States. National coach Frank Vers, the Fleming who previously led the Belgian figure skaters, considers that the Dutch are unlikely to send a delegation. In the Netherlands, skating is always in the shadow of skating.

The World Games have been postponed for a year due to COVID-19. Five years ago, the Swings won two golds and one silver at the Games in Wroclaw (Poland). In 2013, he made his debut at the World Games. In Colombian Cali, he was awarded two gold, silver and bronze medals.

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