Expert workshop: Are migrants (really) a hard-to-reach group?

Expert workshop: Are migrants (really) a hard-to-reach group?

Challenges and enabling factors in research with migrant populations.

More and more people are living in a country other than the one in which they were born. However, immigrant groups remain underrepresented in public health research. In this workshop we will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with research with diverse immigrant groups, as well as strategies to address these challenges. The workshop provides opportunities for interactive discussion and self-reflection.

Loudspeaker: Saleh Al-Judaiah

short the biographySaleh Al-Jadaiah is a postdoctoral researcher at ITM with experience in humanitarian fieldwork and research with migrant populations. His main area of ​​interest is access to essential medicines in humanitarian contexts, including conflict areas and among forcibly displaced people.

to sign up: This session is exclusively available to ITM employees. Check our calendar for upcoming sessions open to everyone.

About the workshop series:
This workshop is part of the “Migration, Mobility and Global Health” series. This initiative, led by ITM’s Equity, Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, brings together researchers from ITM and beyond who work on the health of migrants and mobile populations in different contexts. The series aims to go beyond traditional presentations and discussions by integrating learning and skills sharing. The aim is to foster dialogue between researchers working in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and high-income countries (HICs) and to provide a platform for establishing collaborations and networks for writing, teaching, research and capacity-building in this field.

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