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Instead of a bikini, beach volleyball players should wear a knee-high shirt and shorts. This is what is written in the dress of big men in Qatar. A list that German athletes at least disagree with.

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Admittedly, when you think of Germany, you don’t immediately think of an influential country in beach volleyball, but the eastern neighbors won their Olympic gold medal for the first time in 2016, so they are no longer young players these days. It caused a huge shock when a German couple indicated that they didn’t feel like it. “We are there to do our work, but we are not allowed to wear our work clothes. This is the only country where the government tells us how to do the work,” said Carla Bürger, who is forming with Julia Sowd the German duo.

Another culture

Dutch beach volleyball players Madeleine Mayblink and Sunny Kyzer participate in the tournament. Meppelink stated earlier in an interview with “The regulations are very clear, the players were able to give their opinion on this in advance. We don’t see any problem with this. We are guests there and these are the cultural values ​​in that country.”

She also said that she was especially happy that she could play a championship at all, whether she was a bikini or not. After all, months have passed since the last time they took action. For the Dutch, there is little at stake in this tournament, because Mayblink and Kizer had nearly qualified for the Olympics. For them, it is above all an opportunity to play some serious sports against other top international players.

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