Charles Michel breaks through the dust after “Sofagate”

European President Charles Michel, with his head bent, hopes to close the sofa as soon as possible.

Charles Michel was full on the last days of restoring peace with his colleague Ursula von der Leyen. For the time being, a ceasefire has been agreed. Michel hopes that he has shown enough remorse to be able to carry on without too much trouble.

Anyway, dig deeper into the dust. His penance began at the end of last week with a Interview For some European newspapers. The intention was to talk mainly about the economic challenges facing the European Union, but the challenges are expanding Anger About the way von der Leyen was treated in Ankara caused him to be questioned mainly about it. Michel did his best to adopt a remorseful tone.

On Monday evening he sat with the Chairperson of the Commission. Nothing was officially announced about that conversation, but the parties’ entourage did their best to tell their story afterwards. From the committee’s side, von der Leyen appeared to have said again that she never wanted to be presented this way again. On the other hand, Michel’s spokespersons confirmed that the president deeply regrets.

With this message, they both went to the Chairman and the leaders of the group in the European Parliament. Michel also told them that he wanted to prevent anyone from tearing the European Union apart at all costs. The future will tell if he will be able to end the accident for good. In any event, the plenum will question both of them again. Scheduled to meet next week.

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