It reaches 43 degrees in Spain and will remain warm in the coming days: “We are not used to this temperature at the beginning of the year” | abroad

In southern Spain, temperatures are expected to reach around 43°C in the next few days. Maximum temperatures at that time of year. This is also what Francois de Roig, a Fleming resident who lives in Málaga says: “Currently it’s 36-38 degrees in the shade, so we’re afraid of what’s to come in summer.” So it is necessary to cool during the day. “That’s why we try to avoid physical labor as much as possible,” Francois says.

It sweats in large parts of Spain. Fleming François de Roig can speak for himself in Malaga. “We enjoy sitting here by the pool because it’s so warm, especially at that time of year,” he says. “It’s 36 to 38 degrees in the shade here. It’s really hot in the sun,” says de Roig.

So it is especially important during the day to strive for cooling. “Especially in the afternoon, during naps, which is not really a luxury, we often sit inside. And then we have the air-conditioner.”

Even in the warmer Spanish places, such high temperatures are not uncommon in the spring. “Our horses are also affected by heat,” Fleming says. “Of course they are not used to this heat so early this year.”

Van Rooij is also a little concerned about the weather in the summer, especially if it remains very dry.

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