Don’t Miss The Five Android Apps & Games (Version 20 2022)

The mobile version of a very popular game, park your car with Rabobank and draw a painting for yourself. All that and more in this edition of the best Android apps and games of the past week.

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1. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends is a huge hit on consoles and PC, so it makes sense that publisher Electronic Arts would want to repeat this trick. The mobile version, which came out last week, is separate from the “normal” variant, but the basics remain the same. Thus, Apex Legends is a shooter game full of action, dynamism and action.

However, some features have also been added. Consider, for example, the two deathmatch modes, which occur on relatively small maps. Unfortunately, there are also some compromises made compared to the console version. For example, there are much fewer characters available to play. The controls take a while to get used to.

Apex Legends Mobile

electronic doctor

2. Rabobank

There is usually little to be reported about the Rabobank app, but not last week. The company makes two major announcements. First, it is now possible to park via the Rabobank app. After enabling this option in settings, you can easily track parking sessions and pay directly via your account.

Google Pay Rabobank

Speaking of payments, Rabobank announced last week that it will also support Google Pay from now on. With this you can pay in stores without a debit card and contactless purchases. This has been possible for some time using the Rabo Wallet app, but this app will be discontinued on August 1st. There is no cost to Google Pay Connected. In the article below we explain how to enable the option.

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3. NewProfilePic

In no time, NewProfilePic became very popular. This app turns selfies into paintings and more and more social media users are setting these scenic photos as their profile picture. NewProfilePic uses artificial intelligence to adjust your selfie automatically and has been downloaded over a million times.

This week's best Android apps and games newprofilepic

However, the app has also been criticized. According to some, NewProfilePic forwards user data to Russia. Fact Checker snobs He investigated this claim and found no evidence for it. It is true that the application collects a lot of user data. It is up to you whether you feel comfortable with this.

NewProfilePic: Profile Picture

Linerock Investments Limited

4. liner

Are you watching a great YouTube video and want to share the most memorable moments with a friend? Then Liner comes in handy. It is best to consider this app as a highlighter. While watching videos, you can highlight (highlight) parts of the video and then share those highlights with others.

The useful thing is that the recipient does not necessarily have to create an account for Liner. Instead, the recipient will receive a link containing the Moments you selected. Liner works not only for video, but also for text. The app is free and there is also a web version.

5. dislyte

Another great game released last week. Dislyte is a funky strategy game that combines mythology and electronic dance music. The gameplay is not only about discovering huge and ever-expanding worlds, but also about strategic planning of moves.

The show begins (intro to the story) |  dislyte

Battles alternate with enemies. This ensures that you have to think carefully about your next move, because before you know it the opponent will kill you. On top of that, Dislyte has a strong story. Keep in mind that the game has an Asian design: this should be your thing.

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