“Beatrixschool pupils take an exciting journey through space”

It was exciting, but the students from Group 7 at the Beatrixschool in Bendienlaan in Nieuwegein gained another experience. On the afternoon of Thursday, July 8, SpaceBuzz, the world’s first lifelike virtual reality rocket, arrived in Nieuwegein! SpaceBuzz’s visit to schools is part of a curriculum that brings together space, STEM and Earth themes while developing key 21st century skills. Our retired teacher and videographer Bart van Ruijen was there to guide the kids on their journey into space, cinematic at the time.

The SpaceBuzz rocket will visit more than 300 elementary schools in the coming period and launch 15,000 students from Group 7 into space! In a unique 4D virtual reality experience, students can experience for themselves from space how incredibly beautiful our Earth is, but also endangered. SpaceBuzz visited Nieuwegein to show children Earth through the eyes of an astronaut and thereby inspire them to become ambassadors for our beautiful planet.

Andre Kuipers
Co-initiator and SpaceBuzz ambassador – Andre Kuipers: “The view from space of our beautiful planet teaches us a lot about how we treat our Earth. I would like to take everyone on a space trip to see it with their own eyes, but unfortunately that is not possible. So, this is a great way to share the wonderful experience of astronauts with the children on our planet using the latest technology.”

via SpaceBuzz
SpaceBuzz is an educational nonprofit with a global mission: to inspire millions of children to become ambassadors for the Earth. The program is based on the unique perspective of astronauts and is free for children and schools. The partners are: ESA, NSO, MediaMonks, WWF, National Geographic, Deloitte and Bencis. André Kuipers is closely involved in the development of the program as a consultant and ambassador.

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