Four years after Nouri’s drama: How safe is the top sport for your health?

Good for detecting genetic diseases

If some heart disease runs in your family, so do genetic diseases and genetic abnormalities, according to Wild “In principle, it is easy to detect.” If studies show you have a genetic predisposition to certain heart conditions, high-level exercise can be dangerous, Wild says. “The disease can progress more quickly, so that you are more likely to deal with arrhythmias.”

Always take risks

Fortunately, in Christian Eriksen’s case, it all went without a hitch. It was different with Nouri, he suffered serious and permanent brain damage. Something that had a huge impact on the entire (sports) world. The difference between Nouri and Eriksen was, for example, in first aid. As Nouri took eight minutes before CPR was performed, Eriksen immediately intervened. Have there been changes in sports medicine after Nouri’s drama? “Not really, simply because we always take risks,” Wilde says.

“Such incidents often receive tremendous attention from the public. Such interest has always been present in the medical world, but we have also known for a long time that such cases, as much as we wish, cannot be stopped one hundred percent.” It should be explained well every time. Particularly important, and this was shown again in the Eriksen incident, is that people learn CPR properly. This can make a difference in cardiac arrest. “

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