Beavers, who lives in London, testifies to the Queen’s madness during the four – day celebration: “A crazy affair, I only come out in the morning” (Beaver-Vaz)

Tents to spend the night, crowds of journalists from all over the world, a trillion British flags, and people, way too many. The center of Britain’s Queen Size Party ‘is set in London, near Buckingham Palace and Green Park. It has to work: Sophie, a Beavers who lived in Michelin and Kent, have to go every day to work as a business developer.

She wants to do a round these days, and with a big bow. Because not many people like her. Sophie, who lives outside the center in the Greater London area, says, “These days you really do not want to walk there.

Live. Four Days Celebration for British Queen Elizabeth: Follow All Here

From Friday Sophie will only come out in the morning, only if it is really necessary. It gets so crowded in the afternoon that she is inside. At the same time, he bought an information brochure containing the story of Queen Elizabeth II and her personal thank you letter to the British people. “I send my warmest congratulations to all of you.” Sophie also bought a box of British strawberries. A little more (second) patriotism.

“Super Annoying”

“I am relaxed and Excited At the same time, ”she says. ⁇Excited Because this is really one thing Once in a lifetimeThis event has been expected for many months and now is the time for the festivities to take place. For many Britons this is a bit UnrealAt the same time, I am relaxed because I like to see things on a small scale. And this is true Very annoying Travel long distances between my work and hometown and go through crowds every day. Even part of the metro is closed! This is really crazy. “

Drumming in London. © AFP

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However, until the Platinum Jubilee competition, Sophie closely followed all the events as one of the artists hosting the Ed Sheeran show. “Meanwhile, the parade was usually held at The Mall, where the festivities take place. The Queen had already appeared on the balcony with other royal families. And tonight (Thursday evening, ed.) Fires are raging in various parts of the United Kingdom and in the capitals of the Commonwealth.

Suburban and ordinary villages in the United Kingdom also host banquets. The British royal family has been asking people in recent days not to exaggerate madness. Sophie, for her part, wants to emphasize that moderate British are also circling the canal. “Most colleagues and friends Excited, But certainly not the Super Royals. They are especially pleased to be given two more days off. They usually celebrate it in the bubble.

Royalty viewer Joe de Pouter about British party madness

Moderate Liverpool

In Liverpool, a city in the northwest of England, they enjoy those two days off. Christian D’Awood, a senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool, said: “The anniversary here is not very exciting. Most people shrug their shoulders. I live across Mercy from Liverpool on the left bank.

According to a guest professor at the University of Antwerp, they are less fanatical about the royal family in Liverpool. “Most people I know, and my friends may be in the circle, and they are against it. Liverpool has always been a city of workers who oppose factories and establishment. Especially now, Prince Andrew buys his abuse case for a few million, while the commoner sees prices rise every day, even more so than in Belgium.

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However, there is great respect for the Queen, says Christian D’Aud. “Elizabeth II has something like a fairy tale, something mythical and almost inhumane to light. The Queen’s work can not be touched by anyone who has been doing it all day.

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