The Netherlands will train Ukrainian players in England

Upon the arrival of Minister Gajsa Ollongren (Defense) Binnenhof.Image ANP

Units from the Royal Netherlands Army and Marine Corps are expected to be there from the end of August. In total, the United Kingdom, along with other countries, wants to train around 10,000 soldiers. It involves four weeks of basic training.

A total of 65 Dutch people are going to England. They don’t all work at once, but rotate. The players are not coaches in the Netherlands, but according to Ollongren they are well trained. According to him, the training exercise has a ‘little’ effect on the deployment of the Dutch army.

Russian occupation

Ollongren reiterates that the Netherlands must continue to support Ukraine. According to him, Western support for the country is ‘crucial to deter Russian aggression’. So the Netherlands will continue to supply weapons. The government no longer discloses what the Netherlands is leading. With this, Ukraine wants to withhold from Russia information about the weapons it used.

The United Kingdom trained Ukrainian soldiers in 2015 following Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Around 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers are currently completing their training in the UK.

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