Belgian scientists offer their colleagues from Ukraine a workplace: “We don’t ask for anything in return” | science and planet

Thanks to the #ScienceForUkraine initiative, Ukrainian scientists can contact their colleagues from all over the world for free. Accommodation and a laboratory are provided for them, among other things. The initiative also resonates in our country: “They can continue their research here in peace. I am not asking for anything in return,” says Janis Pontekes, professor at KU Leuven.

The idea behind the campaign, which is mainly circulating on Twitter, is simple: every scientist in the world can offer a workplace to a colleague (student) from Ukraine by posting a tweet using the hashtag Science for Ukraine. Then all these workplaces are collected world map† This way, affected scientists can see at a glance where they can go.

Student scientists are also welcome at KU Leuven Professor Yiannis Pontikes from the Department of Materials Science: “Both their expenses and accommodation are reimbursed. In the same field as me in Ukraine.”

Pontiacs hopes more scientists will follow suit: “It’s a very good and innovative way to help our colleagues around the world,” it seems.


At Vrije Universiteit Brussel, they also try to accommodate students and scholars in need. “This is possible through our existing international programs such as IRMOsays the university. “Now Ukrainian scientists demand for a workplace is starting to emerge. In addition, we are looking structurally at how to help Russian and Ukrainian students who go to school here. Just think about setting up a public email address where they can send all their questions.”

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Other universities are currently fully examining what they can do for Ukrainian scientists or have not yet informed our editors.

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