Samsung confirms: Galaxy Note series has been discontinued

To no one’s surprise, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note series has been discontinued. The legendary phone continues with Galaxy S Ultra models from now on.

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Samsung Galaxy Note series discontinued

Samsung has officially discontinued the Galaxy Note series. The company’s head of smartphone, Roh Tae-Moon, confirmed this at Mobile World Congress. From now on, the Note series continues in the Ultra models of the Galaxy S line.

The news was not entirely a surprise. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It dates back to 2020 and has yet to receive a successor. recently announced Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra It also contains all the properties of the note. This is the first Galaxy S model with an integrated S Pen. This pen has been the hallmark of the Note series for years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

the first Samsung Galaxy Note It was released in 2011 and had a 5.3 inch screen for its time. Many reviewers even wondered if such a bulky phone, the ‘phablet’, had a future. We all know what has happened since then. Phones less than 6 inches are actually no longer available.

You could even say that the Galaxy Note dug its own grave. Other smartphones have grown with it and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Note to differentiate itself. As far as we’re concerned, it makes sense that Samsung is turning its back on the device.

The note is dead, long live Ultra

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been discontinued, the idea behind the device remains. in our area Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review We have already written that the device is a direct heir to the Note. The popular S Pen is doing better than ever and getting more and more features. In addition, the design of the S22 Ultra is very similar to that of the Note 20 Ultra.

Will you miss the Note series or buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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