Belgians, British and Germans urged to leave Ukraine, Kiev urged to calm down

The United States requires all non-essential embassy employees to leave the country. The remaining diplomats are transferred to Lviv, in the west of the country.

For now, the Netherlands is sticking to the advice to leave the country if there is no one who should be in Ukraine strictly. For the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the Crimea and the borders with Russia and Belarus, a red travel tips

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that employees of the Russian embassy in Kiev also began to leave the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the embassy will remain open.

‘Stay calm’

These calls come after the claim of the chief US security adviser Jake Sullivan last night that a Russian incursion could occur within days. The “latest intelligence from intelligence” will show that the invasion could happen sooner than previously expected. Sullivan provided no evidence to support his claim.

The Ukrainian government called on all citizens to remain calm. The Foreign Ministry wrote in a statement that the armed forces would repel “any attack.” “It is now important to be united and not panic.”

A day full of the best advice

Today, several talks are taking place again between Russian and Western leaders. Russian President Putin will call his US counterpart Biden as well as French President Macron. The foreign ministers of Russia and the United States will contact each other. German Chancellor Schulz will travel to Ukraine next Monday.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, the European Union has prepared a package of severe economic sanctions against Russia. Kuleba could have promised it in a phone conversation, that Late last night takes place.

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