Belgians get their phone bill by playing

If you work long hours per day or week game It would be nice to have something in return, wouldn’t it? Of course the games are very entertaining, but what if you can also earn money with them? We’re not referring to a profession like Twitch or a gaming journalist this time around. A Belgian service provider called Mobile Vikings now has a promotion that allows you to play your phone bill for €0 in the game.

PSN from Steam

We’ve teamed up with gaming company VCTRY for challenges for gamers throughout October that will end up paying as little as $0 on their phone bill that month. The telecom provider, which falls under the Proximus umbrella, has never done this before. You need a PSN or Steam account to take advantage of the offer.

You can get prizes on Play Station or achievements on Steam to earn Viking points this month. You need to link your Steam or PlayStation account to your Mobile Vikings account for this. So it’s not like you have to play certain games or do some poor ad games devised by a marketing team that doesn’t play games.

You only play the games you normally play, and only now you earn those Viking points in addition to the usual trophies and achievements. And with one Viking point you earn 1 euro.

Save Vikings Points

In addition, there are weekly challenges that you can join to earn more Viking points. You can use Viking Points as a calling credit or as a debit to your account. If you’re really a fanatic, you might be able to get your account down to 0. There’s also an eventual winner: Get one year of unlimited mobile Vikings for free.

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Kind of stupid for anyone not using Mobile Vikings, you think. Fortunately, the promotion is also for people who are not customers. So you can’t get a discount on your phone bill, but you can win headphones, merchandise from Ubisoft, and other prizes. It’s good that you can still gain something from your gaming behavior even without being a customer. You must then create a Mobile Vikings account.

Play for your phone bill

“62% of Belgians played a digital game in 2020. At Mobile Vikings, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce everyone’s phone bill, so why not reward our customers with their favorite pastime?” says Martin Rice, Head of Brand & Marcomms.

Good luck playing!

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