Sports Flanden Brachat is the mecca of athletes G (Brashat)


Flemish Sports Minister Ben Wittes (N-VA) came to Prachat on Tuesday to inaugurate the new Sport Vlaanderen complex. The sports center has air-conditioned infrastructure for G-athletes and is 100 percent wheelchair accessible.

The sports center became in the hands of the Flemish government in 2017. Before that it belonged to the province of Antwerp. So it was the county that started the sweeping renovations with a lot of interest for the G-sport.

The Flemish government only had to finish the exterior construction. Ben Waits: “We are very pleased with the county’s accomplishments. At the moment we are here, our country has already won 12 medals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. G-sport is on the rise and this sports center can only contribute to that. Together with Flanders, we invest a lot in the best sports, but we do it with depth and breadth. G-sport belongs to the latter,” says Weyts.

G athletes in action. © Jan Press

“Indoors we now have a multifunctional space with lines for G sports. There is an inclusive sports hall with soundproof walls to reduce environmental stimuli as much as possible. Outdoors, we have an artificial turf pitch, a lower course for G athletes with a wheelchair, an elevation course etc. ‘,” explains Center Director Elk Lenards.

Ben Waits with wheelchair dancers.

Ben Waits with wheelchair dancers. © Jan Press

“We can accommodate G-sports clubs and organizations. Wapper comes here for rugby in a wheelchair, Magda De Sutter’s Jiu-jitsu school is here, Borgerhout Squirrels comes here for softball, De Rotonde and Open Air Education OLO come here for netball. BLO comes -De Leerexpert in physical education classes The corridors are very wide, there is an introductory circle for the hearing impaired, some of our staff have learned sign language. Our interactive wall called Lu is very popular with children. After exercise, they can perform interactive tasks here. We are really trying to be wider Possible range Dance classes for wheelchair users are organized in the multi gym In September we will start with wheelchair Argentine Tango Elk Linards adds: We will soon have someone here who will come and prepare for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games in Boquia, a kind Petanque in a wheelchair.(jbr)

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