Bella Hadid is open about her mental health

On social media, you often see only the “perfect” photo. But that’s not how the real world works. Bella Hadid She made it clear in her Instagram post from last Tuesday in which she posted no fewer than nine (!) photos of crying.

This is the amazing style icon of model Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid posts pictures of her crying on Instagram

Everyone cries sometimes. Bella Hadid thought it was time to change the way we are ashamed of this. It was inspired by the words of Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith. Smith previously said, “People forget that everyone feels the same: lost, confused and not sure why they’re here.” In her post, responding to Willow’s words, Bella shows her 47 million followers that it’s normal to be sad. This is part of it.

‘you are not alone’

In addition to Willow Smith’s inspiring words, Bella herself also puts her own statement under her photos. “Social media is not real. For anyone going through a hard time, remember that. Sometimes all you need to hear is that you are not alone. So from me to you, you are not alone. Bella Hadid said. Many acquaintances like Sister Gigi are contained under this The post. We hope this is a step towards more openness and boldness to show emotion – without calling it weak. Because in reality, social media can’t be compared to reality.

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