Better health in town? They could if they were built that way!

Have you ever heard of Maharishi Vastu Architecture (MVA)? The design concept has been around since the 1980s, but it is still widely used. Eccentric style is very good for our health for a special reason. Will we see architectural style everywhere in the future?

In 2005. wrote Reporter for the Washington Post A story about a letter from one of the main supporters of MVA, John Lipman. Lippmann and his team spent 40 years researching the effects of MVA. They claim that homes’ adherence to MVA principles enhances the mental health of residents. This way they sleep better and have less pressure.

What does MVA do to our health?

Some of the principles of MVA seem arbitrary: for example, entrances to houses must face a certain direction. But in the new paper, Lippmann and his team say there is evidence that following these rules leads to happier, healthier, and more creative residents.

Maharishi Vastu
Two homes of Maharishi Vastu in America. (Photo: Maharishi Vastu)

According to the newspaper The architectural style should be used for the prevention of mental illness in particular. By reducing homeowners’ stress and improving their sleep, the researchers say there will be an indirect effect, making local residents healthier and more active. So the place of life of a person can certainly affect his health. This applies to both the short and long term.

How does it work in offices?

Perhaps most interesting is the effect that office buildings have on our health. One aspect of Lippmann and his team’s research focuses on “solar architecture.” Researchers are looking at how the building’s design exposes its occupants to sunlight at different times of the day.

Maharishi Vastu in the office
Maharishi Vastu in an office building in America. (Photo: Maharishi Vastu)

The team found that more sunlight during the day makes employees more productive and less lethargic at the end of the day. In addition, they suffer to a lesser degree from winter snoring. It is time for companies and employees to start thinking about the future of their workplace. MVA can help create more productive workspaces for better health.

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