Nike Run Club celebrates Nike’s birthday

Sports brand Nike turns 50 this year and that’s definitely an era to think about. For half a century, the brand has been working to make your athletic performance more comfortable and better. It also has many applications for it. This time we are discussing Nike Run Club in the app of the week, which will be more interesting in the coming period.

Record your running sessions

Maybe you record your Strava runs or just do it with your Evy runs. This is possible, but many applications have been developed in recent years, and this is also possible. The Nike Run Club A good example of that. You can do all kinds of distance challenges here, find special training plans to fulfill your dream of running and of course share your achievements with your friends (because, well, did you run if it wasn’t logged anywhere?).

Nike Run Club works with your WearOS watch or smartphone and gives you all kinds of ideas about what you’ve been doing (or doing) while running. To keep you motivated, a badge system has also been created, so you can see that you rank higher and this is of course a good way to ensure that you continue to use the app (but most importantly: that you keep working). The app works with Google Fit and is free to use, so you can always try it in principle.

Nike Run Club

You can give the app permission to use your location always, never, or only while using the app. It’s good to know the lap you walked, in part because you can better see how many miles you’ve traveled. It is possible to get support when running. It’s a lot like running with an Evy: the app tells you when you need to speed up, when you can take it easy and calls up motivational words for that little voice in your head that says “I want to stop” with every step.

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He is a good running coach and can, for example, make sure that you are training from 0 to the first 5 km. This is especially interesting now, because Nike is celebrating it his fiftieth birthday† This allows you to find new community challenges in the running app, among other things. Nike wants people to travel 500,000 kilometers together between May 17 and 22. You don’t necessarily have to wear running shoes: you can also participate by going for a nice walk. It is still a good idea to contribute while walking your dog on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Or if running isn’t really for you.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club has the tools you need to run better, including GPS tracking, weekly, monthly and custom distance challenges; at ..

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