“Biden calls Trump a ‘sick bastard’ and a ‘idiot’ behind closed doors” | outside

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden (81 years old) loves nothing in his private life more than destroying his Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump (77 years old). The American news website Politico reported this based on three anonymous sources. Biden will, among other things, call Trump a “sick bastard” behind closed doors.

“President Biden describes Trump to his friends and associates as a ‘sick scoundrel who enjoys the misfortune of others,’” Politico wrote, citing three anonymous sources from Biden’s entourage. According to the sources, Biden has said several times that he believes Trump is a “fool.”

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“What a sick person…”

Earlier this month, Biden almost couldn’t contain himself when he spoke about his rival during a speech in Pennsylvania. Biden then complained that Trump had mocked Paul Pelosi, the husband of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, 83, was attacked with a hammer by a burglar in October last year.

“And Trump thought something like that was funny, it made him laugh. What a sick person…,” Biden complained during his speech.

look. Paul Pelosi, 83, was attacked with a hammer by a robber in October last year

Politico said the White House would not comment on Biden’s alleged strong language. A Trump spokesperson has since responded that it is “unfortunate” that Biden “disrespects the presidency publicly or privately.”

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