Trump’s attorney who spoke about electoral fraud backs down after a lawsuit: “Nobody believes that, right?”

Powell, along with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, secured a billion-dollar claim from Dominion, the company that supplied computers to vote for a range of U.S. states. According to Powell, these computers were tuned in such a way that they would have lost millions of votes to Trump. Venezuela, Cuba and China could “likely” have played a role in this electoral fraud.

Trump himself posted allegations of “ stealing millions of votes ” on Twitter, but at the request of his advisers, he distanced himself somewhat from Powell. Later, he considered appointing her as a prosecutor to investigate “election fraud,” but his advisers were able to rule him out as well.

A recount in Georgia revealed no wrongdoing with Dominion’s regimes in early December, but Powell continued her accusations for weeks. Her allegations, which have also sparked her in a series of lawsuits, convinced many Trump supporters that the Democrats had played hard in the presidential election.

Huge fine

But with Powell potentially facing a heavy fine, her attorneys argue that “no sane person will conclude that her statements were in fact a statement of the truth.” And according to them, it was clear to everyone that they were nothing more than “opinions”.

It remains unclear whether Giuliani, who also published a conspiracy theory about Dominion, will defend himself, arguing that no one will take the matter seriously. In any case, it is doubtful that Trump, still insisting that he actually win the election, would be happy with Powell’s defense strategy.

Trump’s opponents cheered Powell’s brilliant argument. So this is her defense. wow! Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an avowed opponent of Trump.

It remains to be seen whether Powell’s lawyers will succeed in their strategy. Their second line of defense is that Powell herself still believed in her theory. When it comes to defamation, the aggrieved party must prove that there was a deliberate attempt to damage the reputation.

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