Biden considers mandatory vaccination of officials • “England opens the door to the stinging of the European Union and the United States”

US President Joe Biden has said he is considering introducing a vaccination requirement for federal government employees. “That’s under consideration now,” Biden said when asked by a reporter if the government was considering such a requirement.

in a press release Biden says he will offer more explanations next Thursday about how he wants to vaccinate more Americans. “While most American adults are vaccinated, many are not yet. While we have seen an increase in vaccinations in recent days, we still need to do better.”

Biden also commented on an announcement from the CDC, the US alternative to RIVM. In parts of the United States where the number of coronavirus infections is increasing, people who have been vaccinated will have to wear a mask again indoors, Advise from CDC.

The institute also reports new information about the delta variant of the virus. The CDC also recommends that all teachers, staff, students, and school visitors wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. Biden said he hopes all Americans who live in areas designated by the CDC will follow the advice. He said he would if he visited those areas.

In Los Angeles and St. Louis, it was previously recommended that masks be worn again indoors due to the high rate of infection and hospitalizations. Most new infections and hospitalizations in the United States are among unvaccinated people. But a so-called superinfection can occur in people who have been vaccinated. In general, people receive milder complaints in such a case.

Beginning in mid-September, New York City officials are also required to vaccinate or get tested weekly for the coronavirus. California also wants to introduce a similar rule.

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