Hurent names a new gym after Bart Swings

“We have a lot of sports federations in Herent and the sports infrastructure is not enough anymore,” says Alderman from Sport Philippe Scheys (CD&V). But the new sports center will not only focus on team sports. “We have well-known team sports, but we also wanted to expand it to individual sports. So a new mountain bike route will start and anyone who wants to go on an individual tour can leave their belongings here in a free locker and shower after the walk.”

In the complex there is space for classic indoor sports: basketball, volleyball and badminton. In addition, there is also a professional gym on the premises suitable for organizing international tournaments. Business outside not yet completed. There will be two beach volleyball courts, a skate park and an asphalt pump track. The latter is a course with bumps and bumps where, among other things, the driver, BMXers and skaters can enjoy themselves.

Outstanding skater Bart admired swinging from Herent, for whom the sports center is named: “It feels very special. It also still feels a little unreal to see my name being so big here. I am personally a person who loves all sports, so the gym that can be held So many sports bear my name, it’s really unbelievable.” From July 5, the top athletes are welcomed to Bart Swings Sports Center.

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