Biden goes viral says John Kerry ‘didn’t really know’ about US and France scandal

White House Climate Ambassador John Kerry On Tuesday, it spread widely after it was broadcast on French TV President Biden Little is known about the division between the United States France Last month it was fuel.

during Monday to interview After France reported via PFMTV that three-quarters of the government had surprised Biden, Kerry tried to organize international dust. an agreement French President Emmanuel Macron has called on his ambassador to the United States to leave the country for a short period due to the exchange of submarine technology between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“[Biden] he asked me. He said: What is the situation? I explained that he does not know. Kerry said at the end of the interview. As Kerry said at the end of the interview, “I don’t want to go into details, but suffice it to say that the President, my boss, is determined to cement the relationship, to make sure this is a minor event from the past, and to move into the more important future.

“LClimateEnvoy John KerryPOTUS has not consulted with key US allies,” he said. Sen. Bill Hockerdy, R. Dunn. “This is a dangerous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the sale of Eastern European allies in Natan and Ukraine,” he said.

What else does Joe Biden know? Actor Jim Banks, R-Ind.

Stay tuned for what spreads about the Axis Submarine: Kerry deal

“If Joe Biden didn’t know that France had recalled its ambassador, what else would he know?” Federal political editor John Daniel Davidson was similarly surprised.

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“John Kerry is not helping the president here…” Fox News employee Joe Konza tweeted.

The French retailer’s interview came just weeks after the US-British deal with Australia, known as AUKUS, which canceled the $40 billion submarine deal in 2016. France and the Australian government.

The agreement with France will provide conventional submarines for Australia, while the new agreement will provide the Indo-Pacific nation with more sensitive nuclear submarine technology.

Minister Forge’s French-American submarine and Australia ‘stop in the package’

But the AUKUS agreement has soured US relations with the European Union, which the French foreign minister called a “backlash”.

A senior EU official appointed by French President Emmanuel Macron indicated last month that it was time to “suspend and restore our relationship between the EU and the US”.

When Kerry told the French store he understood France’s anger, he also noted that US relations with France are more important than geopolitical battles.

“We have a relationship with France that is much greater than at this moment than what happened due to the lack of communication,” he said. Adding that there is an “understanding that we have a lot of work to do”.

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“Our commitment…Our ability to work together has been very strong for these differences over the past few days,” he continued. President Biden is eager to meet President Macron. We get lost in a fast-paced event. I think we will be successful very soon.”

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall contributed to this report.

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