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US President Joe Biden will sign a decree on Sunday to make it easier for Americans to vote. Biden made the announcement to mark “Bloody Sunday,” the day a human rights demonstration was suppressed 56 years ago in Salma, Alabama.

Biden’s move comes after several local parliaments in which Republicans already hold a majority have announced that they want to restrict access to the vote. They want to do so in order to follow up on the allegations made by former President Donald Trump about ballot rigging in the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives, where Democrats have a majority, passed another bill aimed at removing barriers to participation in elections. This text now goes to the Senate where it is uncertain whether the proposal will be approved. Through his decree, President Biden wants, among other things, to improve federal websites with information about elections.

Take into account the voter’s vote

“Today, in memory of Bloody Sunday, I am signing a decree to facilitate voter registration to vote and thus make voting easier,” said a pre-recorded message from Biden aired on Sunday.

Biden said, “Every voter should be able to vote and see that their vote is counted.”

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