Volunteer Forest in De Gavers has 1,750 trees – KW.be

Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM) and West Flanders County plant 1,750 indigenous trees and shrubs in Harelbeke’s De Gavers Regional District. The last twenty trees were planted on Saturday.

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The additional forest plot will be called “CM Volunteer Forest”. Choosing to plant a forest does not come this way. “Just like trees, volunteers provide oxygen to their environment. Volunteering not only enriches our community, it also enriches the health and well-being of those who adhere to it. In Flanders there are 700,000 volunteers, 90,000 of them at CM,” says Anne Castlin, Director of Health, Welfare and Engagement at CM West Flanders. “At the start of the volunteering week, it seemed ideal to thank the volunteers in an original way.” The province took care of the agricultural stocks, planting, and making the plot available. Domain Green Service De Gavers helps. Volunteer CM Forest Planting provides 4000 square meters of additional forest in the regional area. Until April 4, 15 CM green dwarves are in hiding in the territorial domain. Whoever finds them can take a selfie and send it to [email protected]. There are great prizes to be won. (PVH)

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